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Does free will exist? Response to Sam Harris

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The other day I had come across an interesting debate with my brother who is a huge Sam Harris fan.

He shared a lecture with me which essentially sums up the idea that free will doesn’t exist.

Cryptocurrency Bubble – What I learned from the losses

As the cryptocurrency market/ecosystem is basically on the verge of despair, I would like to document to myself and share with others the lessons that I have learned along the way.

90 Day Self Imposed Challenge

As I get older, I feel the need to really grow constantly.

Hitting 30 really was an interesting benchmark for me, I have really come to the realization that its extremely difficult to achieve any success in anything.

What Actually Matters?

Through my random browsing on youtube today I have come across a very interesting little collage of a Sam Harris talk

This video inspired me to put some words to ‘paper’

Why I believe cryptocurrency is the future

Cryptocurrencies and its role in our world is a hot topic these days and its truly a very complicated subject.

On the one hand you have ultra speculative gambling traders that are in the space for playing trading poker against other similar gamblers.

There Is No Safe Zone – The Struggle Is Endless

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For most people and myself included – life is viewed as a series of steps to achieve some end goal, at which point you can exhale and lift your feet up.

Bitplay.live : Scam Alert

To anyone considering investing any money into bitplay.live – dont do it.

They are established scam artists!

They had a website called bitpetite.com which ran off with thousands of ETH (mine including) and now they have opened up an identical website under a different domain name.

How to make money with bitcoin, ethereum and other cryptocurrencies

With all the hype thats going on around the cryptocurrency space, its actually very difficult to find a way to get in without losing the money you have invested.

In this post,

Wadi Bani Habib, Jebel Akhdar – the Abandoned House

Everyone living in Dubai craves weekend getaways to somewhere quiet and I am not exception.

We decided to explore a new part of Oman, particularly the mountain of Jebel Akhdar.

Trading Bitcoin vs. Trading Ethereum – What has more potential profit?

As any cryptocurrency enthusiast, naturally the first question we ask when approaching trading is which currency to trade?

Realistically, at this stage there is basically:

  1. The mainstream/core/stable (relatively): bitcoin and ethereum
  2. The shitcoins –