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Facebook/Instagram versus Google – Targeting based on intent

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I have been using Adwords for a while, and am relatively new to instagram from a marketing point of view.

I started experimenting on it to promote @fishinguae –

The USE CASE for Bitcoin & Crypto more broadly

This morning I came across a tweetstorm by Brian Beal.

This gentleman is a Senior Director, Strategy and Innovation – Telco and Edge Cloud group @vmware

Clearly a highly intelligent and in tune with technology person and it got me thinking about this point of view.

How to grow as a society

I stumbled across this documentary about Aaron Swartz, who I highly regard as not only a highly intelligent human being, but also a sincerely benevolent and kind one.

My Reading List

Good day friends, I have decided to use this COVID downtime to read a lot more.

The next question is what to read? Every book is a big time commitment,

From Life to Death

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The last 2 years of my life have taken me through what feels like a decade of what most likely can be described as some sort of wisdom, although I don’t have the perfect word to describe it.

Does free will exist? Response to Sam Harris

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The other day I had come across an interesting debate with my brother who is a huge Sam Harris fan.

He shared a lecture with me which essentially sums up the idea that free will doesn’t exist.

Cryptocurrency Bubble – What I learned from the losses

As the cryptocurrency market/ecosystem is basically on the verge of despair, I would like to document to myself and share with others the lessons that I have learned along the way.

90 Day Self Imposed Challenge

As I get older, I feel the need to really grow constantly.

Hitting 30 really was an interesting benchmark for me, I have really come to the realization that its extremely difficult to achieve any success in anything.

What Actually Matters?

Through my random browsing on youtube today I have come across a very interesting little collage of a Sam Harris talk

This video inspired me to put some words to ‘paper’

Why I believe cryptocurrency is the future

Cryptocurrencies and its role in our world is a hot topic these days and its truly a very complicated subject.

On the one hand you have ultra speculative gambling traders that are in the space for playing trading poker against other similar gamblers.