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Use of Memes as a tool of Political Control

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The Paris Attacks this morning are really weird, and it just feels like the kettle is nearly boiling.

The world now seems to operate on certain memes which get instantly injected into society and accepted on an axiomatic level, upon which everything is added, however any normal society would question any meme, and actually question everything.

Unfortunately, in all societies – which then form a ‘global society’ the percentage of people who are able & willing to question anything at all are such a minority that they plan no role in the adoption of these memes.

The current memes that are running around.

Meme #1: “Bashar Al Asaad”, “Muammar Qaddafi” and “Saddam Hussein” are EVIL DICTATORS, so its a social responsibility of our civilized society to help their uncivilized society rid themselves of these horrendous human beings.

Meme #2: ‘ISIS’: Radical terrorists who cause death and terror. Nothing else really gets elaborated on.

Meme #3: ‘Migrants’: Sub Meme 1: ‘Poor souls, something bad happened in their country, lets help them. Sub Meme 2: ‘Close the borders! They are dirty, smelly, brown and will take our jobs!’.

Meme #4: Government: ‘The good guys who are working around the clock in the interests of their respective populations’.

Whereever you look, we look to reductionism for mental clarity – like children who ask a really difficult question from their parents and settle for a one line answer.

The reality is, reductionism in most cases is far from helpful, infact it’s really harmful.

Syria & Iraq

The first meme to look at is #1: the ‘Evil Dictators’ meme.

Objectively, the ultimate source of instability & a threat to global stability, infact that is softly put – the most likely place of a truly world war break out is the middle east. Essentially no other conflicts exist. Infact even the ‘middle east’ reductionist meme isn’t accurate, since there is no war in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar etc.

Is it the right of a nation to invade another nation, overthrow their government and execute their leader (good, bad or Hitler bad) for any reason? This question is actually questions the core of the issue.

The only possible criteria for examination that has any practical application or that can shed any actual insight into the answer is history – and at this moment, History is giving us a clear cut ‘no’. Infact, can it even be called History if its happening right now?

Is ‘Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi’ better than Saddam Hussein?

Is ‘Libya’ better of now than 5 years ago? Syria?

The only possible answer of any rational human being is no.

The only historical (not present) example of when this worked was probably Hitler, however I feel this isn’t a good example because Hitler wasn’t just passively evil and tyranical, he was aggressively invasive, thus the ‘allies’ were simply defending themselves.

This is how I see it.

If you have a neighbour, and he is a real asshole. He beats his wife, bullies his kids, gets drunk, cheats, screams and just behaves like a prick, should you walk over and kill him, or even beat him up?

For me, its a clear cut no.

If however this same neighbour comes to your house and tries to make your wife his wife, then its a clear cut yes. These 2 cases are fundamentally different.

Lets be clear, Qaddafi never tried to take anyones wife and neither did Al Asaad. Saddam did with Kuwait, but that seemed more like a drunken mistake rather than a well planned act of aggresion with long term plans.

Following this logic; the invasion of Iraq and the explicit financing of radicals in both Libya and Syria is the largest act of terrorism in modern history.

Without any emotions, it has simply taken the largest number of lives.

9/11 = ~3000 people

Paris attacks today = ~200-500 people

London Bombings of 2007 = ~ 300 people

The count for civilian deaths in Iraq, Syria and Libya is measured in MILLIONS.

Thats a hundred thousand times more!

An entire area the size of Europe has been turned into a lawless territory with zero to none government institutions where gun power is the only ‘law’ that exists. The mad max movie is a disney comic in comparison.

Meme #2: ISIS

The first thing that people need to understand is that ‘terrorism’ is a ‘means’, i.e: it is a tool, a weapon – not an ideology, not even for ISIS.

Secondly, ISIS is a government, which controls an area larger than most European countries, its ‘armies’ are in the hundreds of thousands, they have petroleum based revenues, enormous gun power and a clear cut agenda (whether you agree with it or not).

Reducing them to ‘brainless radical terrorists who just blow shit up’ isn’t going to cut it anymore. They are here to stay, they are no longer a marginal power that can be neglected or overlooked.

The very possibility of an organization/power like ISIS to come to power was only possible in the vacuum that was left in this ‘mad max’ zone – however it didn’t form itself.

Without being cliche, US special interests, ‘corporotacracy’ as coined by the economic hitman, through the hands of special forces such as the CIA have created ISIS.

Baghdadi was trained, the FSA was armed and financed and infact Obama has publicly admitted to this.

Now, granted – this is another meme which shouldn’t be reduced either since its absolutely possible and infact probable that modern day ISIS has gotten out of control, i.e: the beast has been fed until it was strong enough to break the chains (most or all).

Meme #4: Government

As John perkins very clearly explains, a government isn’t a single coherent ‘player’, rather its a super complex eco system of many actors, the vast majority of which are unelected and even on paper and officially simply pursue a business interest. This isn’t a revelation, this is simply our reality.

A government thus, never, in any nation has the benefit and well being of its nation as the top priority, unless those goals some how align (temporarily, never permanently) with the well being of the people.

Its the ultimate farce & tragedy of our time.

Government is a business.

War is a business.

Instability is a business.

ISIS is a business.

False flag operations are a business.

Elections are a business.

Re-elections are a business.

Revolutions are a business.

Until our society accepts this status quo as reality, its impossible to evolve into a higher plan of co-existence.

Terrorist Attacks

Why did 200 or so innocent people die about 5 hours ago

Their society did not do everything possible to prevent their ‘government’ from commiting the biggest terrorist act in Modern History.

They did not prevent thier governments from using methods that should not be accepted to acheive their political/business goals.

The outbreak from this is going to be horrifying.

Your sincerely.

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